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landscapers's Journal

Landscape Architects
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This community was created for lovers, students, and practioners of Landscape Architecture. Discussions may be about drafting tools, education, landscape design, and anything else related to Landscape Architecture.

This community is created and moderated by lilusako, a Landscape Arch major at Cal Poly Pomona.

Quick side note: This community is called "Landscapers" because it always seemed much easier to call someone a Landscaper (example: "we're just a bunch of landscapers...") then a Landscape Architect. Using the term "Landscapers" has known to offend people who are in the Landscape Architecture profession but that is not the intention of using this term. Though realize that in reference to "Landscaper" it does not mean that I pot plants, and do labor work, we just design with an enviromentally conscious mind. Plus "Landscape Architect" couldn't fit into the community name. :D

Please feel free to join this community, and those who are new please feel free to post an introduction so we can get to know each other a little bit easier. Have fun!

Links of Intrest:
American Society of Landscape Architects
European Foundation of Landscape Architecture
American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta
American Society of Golf Course Architects
The Irrigation Association
National Preservation Institute
Landscape Architecture Profession
Therapeutic Landscapes Database
Landscape Architecture Virtual Library
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
U.S. Geological Survey