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Sveiki from Latvia

I am a 4th year landscape architecture student in LLU, Latvia. Right now i have jr architect position in a facades building bureau and i've been working there since summer 2006 (more than a year experience for now)
I am planning to immigrate to Canada, Ontario after i finish my university. That is 2009; 2 more years.
I don't speak french, bad for me :L  (but i do speak english, latvian, russian and a bit of german)
I like hockey and snow. We have 5 snowy months here in Latvia, so i think our climates don't differ much.

So, i wanted to search for canadians in this community.

I am really interested in any information about landcape architecture/architecture in Ontario.
-Is it possible to find a job for a guy like me over there? 
-Are the landscape architects/architects needed?
-How much do they pay landscape architects/architects $/h x 40hours/week?
-How's life in canada?

P.S. Our ex-president was a canadian citizen. Let's exchange, if you know what i mean :))
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