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lAbASH 2006

This year's lAbASH was freaking awsome all the way around!

It was at University of Maryland College Park which is where most of my friends go to school at but not I. Most of the festivities were located in the Stamp Student Union building which overlooks the baseball field and you can see some of the seats for the football field. I really enjoyed being down there and having a lot of fun there.

Friday I did two lectures which were sort of fitting. The first one was a lecture on Living Memorials which for me was really great since as a design build studio we are designing a living memorial for Ernesta Ballard here on campus. The speaker touched on how what one precieves as a healing garden is not always the case. He showed us many shots of healing gardens designed shortly after September 11, 2001. There are several others happening around the general Washington DC to Boston corridor. I found the lecture to be rather interesting and very informative. The second lecture I attended was on Security in Design and how to design with the measures that were brought about after September 11th. The speaker was a former Special Agent in the US Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service. She talked about the fundamentals of threats and how to design with those fundamentals in mind. It was really interesting to learn about setbacks to reduce the impact of a car bomb and how to think about terrorist activities. The emphasis is that no place is ever going to be 100% secure. The other thing was a jersey burrier is a jersey burrier is a jersey burrier, there is NO in between or way to make them look pretty. We then had onsite lectures and I did Laurie Olin from Olin Partnership in Philadelphia, PA. He was pretty laid back and talked about his redesign of the National Sculpture Garden on the mall. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards we had some time so Temple went to the White House and walked around. My Brothers Place on 2nd Street in NW was where the happy hour was and I just attended for about an hour and then left since I had some homework to do.

Saturday was workshops. I did the Graphics Workshop which in my opinion wasnt worth the time and effort for it. I was looking for a workshop where we learned how to improve our drawings and how to make our drawings look more realistic. Instead it was a workshop about color and how to make the scene look different in all types of light. To say the least it was not a good one and it let out at an hour early. YUCK. Lunch for me was off campus with my best friend. My afternoon workshop was a lot of fun. It was Greenroof Design by Bowman Consulting. We had a charet near the end which ran over but our designs were pretty neat for working for about 45 minutes. I enjoyed that one.

I didnt make it to the closing ceremony but thats a ok, I got home and I literally fell asleep for a while.

All in all AWSOME weekend!
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